I Wrote a Guest Post

Guess what. I had the wonderful opportunity recently to write a post for Jason over at The Wealth Hound. In this post, I talk about the ways we have saved money and how we decided to organize our finances before and after Monkey was born. I even give a list of all of the great products we actually used when…

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Turning Paper Towels into Cold Hard Cash

Did you know that kids are messy?  Like really messy.  I think this is a pretty well-known fact, but it always surprises me how much of a mess Monkey can make.  He is getting close to 2 years old and still makes messes like it’s his day job.  As we follow him around the house, we have a paper towel…

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When Life Gets in the Way

Have you ever been cruising through life only to realize way more time has passed than you realize?  How is it already Spring?  When did my baby become a toddler?  Have I really been at my job for 7 years? That is exactly what has happened to me recently.  I have been living my normal day-to-day life during the week…

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8 Tips to Get Your Spouse to Practice a Frugal Lifestyle

Richard and I are both pretty frugal.  We usually don’t spend money on unnecessary items, and we always consult each other when making purchases, even ones that seem semi-small. That is not the case with every couple.  Many times, couples disagree on how money should be spent, and they argue over finances often, sometimes to the detriment of their relationship.…

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Blessed to Pursue Financial Independence

Unfortunately, financial independence and early retirement is not for everyone.  Not everyone can do it. And it isn’t just sheer will-power holding some people back.  Many people have not been blessed with the lives we have been given. Our Head Start We are blessed beyond measure to live the life we do.  Growing up, Richard and I both had enough. …

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Creating Wealth by Overcoming Sunk Costs

Last week, we started to declutter our home and invited you to join along with us.  If you missed it, it is not too late to join us, just sign up below.  If you want another perspective on decluttering, Mrs. Frugalwoods just posted a great article that is worth a read. While it is very easy to say you are…

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Declutter Challenge

Declutter Challenge 1 – Start Small

As I sit looking around my house, I have come to realize just how much stuff we have accumulated.  We have only been in this house for 6.5 years (together for almost 7), and we have, somehow, managed to almost overflow a 4 bedroom house. A couple of years ago, we renovated our attic space to make it usable and…

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