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So, you made it to the blog.  You decided to come check out what this ‘early retirement’ thing is all about.  Well, where should you start?

  • You should probably start by figuring out who the 4D Frugal family is.
  • Next, you should read about what early retirement actually is.
  • Then you can read about when to start planning for retirement.
  • Figuring out where to start would be the next step.
  • Finally, you should look into why it is an important topic for you.

Why did I create this blog?

There is a serious lack of consolidated information on being frugal with children with the mindset of early retirement.  Many websites and blogs will tell you to use coupons and save money with kids, but none really delve into the aspects of raising children frugally and retiring early so you can spend your time with them.  Also, I really hate using coupons, so I wanted to create a way to save money with kids without using coupons.

There are other benefits to this blog.

  • It will help create a support system for all of us on our financial journey.  If we pool together our knowledge and resources, we can all succeed better.  Two heads are almost always better than one.
  • We can all act as an accountability tool for each other, helping stick to our goals.  If you have your goals written down and let someone else know those goals, you are more likely to succeed.
  • It will also be a way for everyone to connect with other people and find friends with similar goals.  It is easier to work toward your goal if you are not the only one trudging that path.

Disclaimer: We aren’t perfect.  We are going to make some mistakes along the way.  There will be times we overspend or bust a goal.  But, we will be doing it together. We will work together to make each other better.  And retire together to live our best life.

We want to know your story.  We want to make this journey with you, to know your successes and failures, also.

Is this blog for you?

World’s Laziest Dog

Do you want a support team?  Would you like friends along for your journey?  Would you like a fresh take on being frugal with a family?  Do you want to see cute pictures of the World’s Laziest Dog and his tiny human?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then this blog is for you.

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Want to take the next step and figure out how much money you will need before you can retire?  Check it out here!

In the comments below, tell us a little about yourself.  Note: Do not post anything you do not wish to be public knowledge.

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