Hey there!  We are the 4D Frugal family!

I’m Jess, and I’m an engineer.  I married Richard, also an engineer.  They say you should never marry someone just like you, but for us, somehow, it works.  We also have a son, better known as Monkey, who is surely destined to despise math as a source of rebellion. We also own the World’s Laziest Dog, better known as Milo.  He only knows enough math to know we didn’t give him enough treats today.

World’s Laziest Dog Waiting for Treats

We are both employed as engineers making decent money, but nothing to write home about.  We were going about our daily routines working for ‘the man’ and saving for our retirement, some 35+ years away.  That was until we heard about the FIRE movement.  From the moment our eyes first locked on the dimly lit laptop screen with the words ‘Early Retirement’ scrawled across in large letters, we were hooked.  Richard almost likens it to when he first saw me on our wedding day. Almost.

When you tell two self-proclaimed nerds that they can do a bit of math and come up with a conservative but concrete time to become financially independent and no longer need to work 40 hours a week, you can expect them to bury themselves in a calculator for a few days.  And bury we did.  We both read every article we could find online (which happens to be a ton) about FIRE, and Richard created spreadsheets galore.  When we surfaced, we knew we had done it.  We had cracked the code to retire early.

The 4D Frugal Family – Richard, Monkey, and Jess

From our calculations and an overly conservative estimate on our part, we can officially retire in 2023 (at the ripe old age of 35). That is just 6 years from now.  How, you ask?  By becoming more frugal in every reasonable aspect of life and wisely investing all of our savings.  And we plan to do just that.

This blog is a culmination of our experiences on the road to retirement.

Many people say you cannot have kids and retire early – they are just too expensive.  While you can definitely retire sooner by not having children, or animals, or a nice house, you can still retire very early, compared to your everyday Joe Shmoe in your cubicle at work who lives paycheck to paycheck and is just working until his Social Security kicks in.  There are efficiencies that can be made in every aspect of our lives and spending. You would not believe the amount of waste we have already cut from our lives, and there is still more fat to trim.  Join us as we raise our family enjoyably frugal and pursue that coveted retirement lifestyle.