Facing your Fear of Failure

Monkey wasn’t sure about some of the costumes to start

It has been almost a week since Halloween, and I have a few (hundred) miles to run because of it.  I always save a couple of pieces of candy out of the dish to eat later.  I plan to just eat those 2 pieces.  That is, until people show up to work with buckets of candy their kids received and they don’t want in their house.  Somehow, I end up eating way more candy than I originally intended. Every. Dang. Year.

I have always loved Halloween.  It’s a wonderful time of year filled with scary movies, fake (or real) cobwebs, and kids (and adults) in costume.  Every child is running around the neighborhood with huge smiles on their faces swinging a bucket of candy weighing more than a medium sized dog.

Halloween is wonderful because, for one night, you can be anything you want to be.  Do you want to dress up as a nurse, a firefighter, or a police officer?  You can.  Do you want to be a cat, a racecar, or a gumball machine?  You can do that, too.  In fact, I actually saw all of these costumes on Tuesday night.

Chewbacca, R2D2, and Rey

We decided to go for a nerdier motif – Star Wars.  Really, we crafted our costumes around Monkey’s costume, a cheap find at a consignment sale. I don’t think we scared anyone, though several people thought Richard was a bear. Surprisingly, it was the parents who couldn’t tell he was Chewie – the kids got it right every time.

Halloween is also a time of year to face some of your fears.  Decorations are covered in spiders, clowns are prowling the neighborhood, and inflatable dinosaurs are running amok.  In fact, many people pay good money to go and get scared on purpose at a haunted house (something I have been known to do in the past).  We know deep down that decorations and costumes can’t hurt us, but being able to face some of those fears in a controlled environment is all too enticing.  And who doesn’t love the adrenaline rush of thinking, just for a second, something is going to grab you.

But facing these environmental fears with a safety net in place pales in comparison to facing our fears of failure, which is, for most people, the ultimate fear.

Being afraid is a normal reaction in life.  Fear is there to keep you from doing something dangerous.  It is built into our instincts.  It is part of the fight or flight response.  But many times, it keeps us from taking chances and improving our life.

Our brain starts pushing our fear of failure to the forefront of our brain anytime we get a unique opportunity.

  • What if I interview for a job and don’t get it?  It’s better if I don’t even try.
  • What if I ask for a pay raise and they laugh at me?  I better sit at my desk and keep quiet.
  • What if I try to save $500 this month and only end up saving $400?  I can’t take not meeting my goals.
  • What if I start a blog and no one reads it?  Or what if people do read it and think it is stupid? Better not even take that first step.

It is much easier to put things off, sometimes indefinitely, for fear that you will not succeed. But if we let that fear stop us, we will never even have a chance to succeed.

  • What if you go for that interview and do get the job?
  • What if your boss does agree to the pay raise? Or offers you other compensation?
  • $400 saved is much better than $0. Great job!
  • What if you still end up helping just one person?

So we must now face our fear of failure.  We must take those chances.  You and I cannot succeed unless we face our fears and TRY!

Each of us wants to live more frugally and set aside money so we can retire and do whatever we want with our financial freedom.  That is why you are here, right?  So we need to step up and start NOW!

It is a scarier notion to remain stagnant than to at least make small steps toward the future you want for yourself.

I have stepped out of my comfort zone and faced my fear of failure by starting this blog.  How do you plan to face your fear of failure and move closer to the life you want?

2 thoughts on “Facing your Fear of Failure

  1. At lease one person is currently reading your blog.
    She’s extremely proud of you for putting yourself out there and “daring greatly” (amazing book, I highly recommend it.)
    Does leaving an industry I was thriving in to start my own business, as a single mom, count? Did I mention it’s 100% commission? It’s been a challenge for sure =)

    1. Leaving your safety net to start a new business is definitely scary. But you are young enough to take that chance and recover if things do go south. There is much to be said for doing what you love, not just something that will make you money. It’s even better if that something you love also makes you money.

      Thanks for the encouragement and book recommendation! I’ll have to check it out.

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