Spending and Blog Update

November 2017 Spending and 1st Month Blog Update

Woo Hoo!

The blog has officially been around for a full month.  And what a crazy month it has been.

I have hundreds of ideas for posts but only a short amount of time each week to devote to this blog.  I truly appreciate everyone who has stuck around this long.  I promise more interesting and informative (and, hopefully, less boring) posts are to come.  It is less interesting to build the base of the blog, but the information is no less important.

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Our November 2017 spending on Monkey

Now, (almost) the moment you have all been waiting for – how much money did we spend on Monkey in November.

I am doing this as accountability for me to now overspend on him but also to encourage each of you to start keeping track and determine where you can begin to save money.

If you have not yet read it, head over to this post and read about how to keep track of your spending on your children.  If you already have read it, great!  Below I give a little more explanation of each category specific to our situation.

We buy diapers and wipes in bulk when they go on super sale.  We did not buy any in November, but they are a large expense when we do buy them (because we buy so darn many).

All clothes for monkey come from consignment sales.  There were none this month, so we didn’t spend anything.

We do not buy Monkey separate meals when we go out to eat.  He eats off my plate or we take allergy-friendly food he can eat.  Because he has so many allergies, it is easier for us to cook for him instead of trying to find something on the menu he can have.  His milk is super expensive, though, at $14 per gallon.  We only factor groceries in his portion of our food spending.

The cost of daycare includes breakfast, lunch, and snack every day.  We have to provide diapers and wipes.

So now, the big reveal!  In November, we spent $919.99 on Monkey, most of which was daycare.  See the full outline of spending below.

November 2017 Spending

Spending CategoryNov 2017 expenseNotes
Total$919.99Daycare is, by far, our biggest expense. In fact, it is well over half of our spending on Monkey in November.
Housing$50.89We calculated his portion to be the square footage of his room divided by the square footage of the whole house. This decimal was multiplied by our total monthly mortgage to get Monkey's cost.
Health Insurance$39.32The cost of adding Monkey to our insurance is $19.66 every 2 weeks. There were 2 pay periods last month.
Utilities$63.49Monkey's portion is 1/3 of our monthly cost for water and electricity. We do not have gas at our house.
Transportation$14.4422 days going to daycare plus 1 day we took him to the doctor. This is 53.5 cents per mile
Food$69.00Monkey accounts for approximately 1/4 of our monthly grocery spending.
Diapers/Wipes$0.00I buy all of the diapers and wipes in bulk when they go one sale. We are still using some we bought months ago.
Toys$14.85Monkey sleeps with this Puppy Dog* every night. His died. We tried to go without it but ended up buying a replacement.
Clothes$0.00All of Monkey's clothes come from consignment sales, so no new clothes were bought this month.
Dr. Appointments$80.00Monkey's allergy doctor copay from October, urgent care copay for ear infection out of state several months ago, and pediatrician copay for November.
Medicine$0.00Pretty healthy month.
Daycare$588.00Daycare is $147 every week, whether he is at daycare or not. There were 4 weeks worth of charges last month.
Gifts$0Nothing was purchased last month as part of his Christmas presents.

We do know this will go up in December because of Christmas.  But just because it is Christmas is no reason to go broke.  Make sure you stay within budget.  You can find meaningful and good-quality gifts by making them, buying at yard sales, or buying online from Craigslist.

November 2017 blog update

November was a great month full of firsts.  I started my first real blog!  I got my first comment on the blog.  And I even made money (albeit a small amount of money, but money nonetheless) from the blog.

So how are things looking?

  • There were 301 unique visitors to the blog.
    • 165 people came from social media.
    • 82 people came here directly
    • 58 people came by referral from another website.
    • 2 people made it to the blog through a search engine.
    • I have no idea why these add up to 307 and not the 301 reported…
  • The Facebook page has 73 followers.
  • The blog has 5 subscribers.
  • 1 person commented on the blog.
  • People from 16 different countries have made it to the blog.
  • The blog made $0.44!  That’s the retirement dream! 🙂
  • The top post this month was The 5 Ws of 4D Frugal.

Top 5 most popular posts of all time:

Thank you everyone who keeps coming back to the blog.  Starting this blog was a dream of mine.  I had to face my fear of failure and take the leap.  And I am very glad I did.  I have already learned so much, and I haven’t even scratched the surface.  I sincerely hope that you are enjoying the content and benefiting from the blog.  If you have any questions for me, want to suggest a post topic, or need help making your budget, do not hesitate to contact me.

If you have not yet subscribed to the blog, do so now!  We want you to be part of the 4D Frugal Family.

How do you think we did this month?  Are you going to start keeping track of your spending to compare to us?

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