A Poem for the Frugal Family

A favorite frugal activity – Monkey running in the dirt

Kids are expensive or so they say,
But I’m raising mine to be frugal one day.

They will learn how to budget and save and invest
So they can live happily and let their money do the rest.
They don’t need fancy things to find joy in their life,
And they will not be exempt from experiencing strife,
But life will be better and happiness they will achieve
If you teach them lavish lifestyles will give them no reprieve.
Naysayers, they tell me I’m loose in the head,
That I will only deprive them, so they have said.
“He needs toys to learn, to be happy, and survive.
You can’t just love him and expect him to thrive.”
But some things are more important than worldly goods
Like playing with sticks and mud deep in the woods.
Or creating a volcano out of used paper bags
And cleaning up the mess with a bunch of old rags.
Or building a dam to divert a stream’s flow
These things will help teach them more than you know.

Monkey falling/wallering in the dirt

Many activities are free or cheap to explore
And the freedom provided will help kids learn more.
But learning is only a small piece of the pie,
Because implementation more than meets the eye.
You must take your knowledge and put it to use,
To better your life, and others’ lives, too.
So save dollars here, invest pennies there,
Your money will multiply everywhere.
You will have a nice nest egg on which to retire
And enjoy your kids with a heart full of FIRE.
So lead by example and be good with your money
And teach your kids to plan when things are sunny.
When things get dark, and if money is tight,
Scrimp, save and be frugal with all your might.
So bring up your kids in the way they should go
And give them the tools that they need to grow.
Teach them about money from the very start,
And in your family finances, let them be a part.

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