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How to Set (and Keep) New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!  2018 is here!  I cannot believe how fast 2017 flew by.  Have you looked back on your resolutions that you made a year ago?  How did you do? Did you meet all, some, or none of them?

Now is the time that people make all sorts of New Year’s Resolutions they cannot keep or have no intention of keeping.  So, why set resolutions for no reason?  You might as well just not make any resolutions.

How about setting some realistic goals this year and then making a pact to stick with them?  And we can all do it together!

Setting Goals

When setting you resolutions or goals for the new year, you have to be SMART about it.  You have to make sure it is something you will stick with.

Specific – You need to be as specific as possible with your goals.  Set clear targets with as much detail as possible.  You cannot tell if you have met your goal if you can’t look back and tell exactly what the goal was.  Instead of saying you will save more money, say you will save $12,000.

Measurable – Establish milestones along the way so you can have smaller targets and a way of measuring your success as you go.  If you plan to save $12,000 for the year, plan to save $1,000 per month so you can see your progress.

Attainable – Make your goals realistic and reasonable.  You don’t want to set goals that are impossible to reach.  If you only make $50,000 per year, don’t make a goal to save $100,000 this year – you can’t possibly meet that goal unless you win the lottery (which is a terrible ‘investment’ and not a retirement plan).

Relevant – Ensure your goals are aligned with your priorities.  Don’t set a goal to run a marathon just because your friend has that as a goal.  If you have no interest in running, that is a terrible goal for you.

Time-Based – Set deadlines for your goals.  This can be anything from 1 day to next year to even long-term goals.  It is good to set some short term and some long term goals.

Types of Goals

There are many types of goals you can set for yourself.  You can set personal goals to better yourself.  Maybe you want to set professional goals to further your career.  You can also define family goals to set a budget and track your spending.  I also want to set up goals for the blog to grow my audience and greater help my readers.

Setting goals with the above steps in mind will help set you up for success.  But sometimes, you fail.  Then what do you do?  Well, you just restart again.  It isn’t the end of the world.  Tomorrow is another day and another great reason to start working toward your goals.


I am still setting up and defining my blog goals and resolutions for this new year.  I will come back and update this post with my goals and the monthly Spending and Blog Update will show the progress throughout the year, so check back often.


Blog Goal 1: Get 1 new email subscriber per month

Blog Goal 2: Get 2 new Facebook friends per month

Blog Goal 3: Post at least 8 times per month

Blog Goal 4: Interview at least 4 people for the blog this year

Blog Goal 5: Guest post on at least 1 other blog this year


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What are your goals for this year?


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